About the Eight Ball Battalion

The Eight Ball Battalion is a reorganization of the men who served with the Eighth U.S. Naval Construction Battalion during World War II.

The idea of getting the men together again originated back in 1952 and was started by Ed Sanford. Beginning with a few names and addresses gathered while in the service, letters were sent out to the men asking them if they would be interested in a reunion of the old Eighth NCB. A favorable response was received along with more addresses of men, so plans for a reunion were begun.

The first reunion was held in New York City on September 12-14, 1952 at the Henry Hudson Hotel. This was a stag affair. Guest speaker was Commander A.T. Donnels, USN. Because of the success of this reunion, it was voted to make it a yearly event and to invite the wives.

The final reunion (the 51st reunion) was held in 2002 at St. Louis, Missouri.

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