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Welcome to the 8th Naval Construction Battalion Website. This site is dedicated to the Seabees of the 8th Battalion who served their country during World War II. This website is not only for the Seabees of the 8th Battalion but for their families as well.

The links on the left-side of this page are to other sections of this website.

About the 8 Ball Battalion describes the association of former Eighth Battalion seabees that formed in 1952.

8th Battalion History gives a brief history of the battalion during World War II.

Past Reunions is a list of the 8-Ball reunions starting with the 1952 reunion in New York City. Some of the listed reunions have hyperlinks to photographs and lists of attendees.

Seabee Scrapbooks has photos from three 8th battalion seabees: my father, Lewis Unger, and Charles Cirillo.
The names of the seabees seen in the photos in my father's scrapbook are, for the most part, not identified. Most of the photos were taken during the 8th Battalion's deployment to Oahu, Territory of Hawaii in 1944. The photos are presented to provide a snapshot of seabee life during WW II.
Lewis Unger's scrapbook contains photos and momentos from his seabee days with the 8th battalion.
Charles Cirillo's scrapbook was created using photos supplied by his son, Dave.

In Memoriam is a section for remembering departed 8-Ball Battalion Seabees.

Song of the Seabees is the official seabee song composed in 1943.

Seabee Links contains links to other seabee-related websites.

Seabee Postcards displays some WW II Seabee postcards.

Eight Ball Newsletter is the Victory Edition published August 22, 1945 on Iwo Jima. This was submitted by Marcella Grant.

This website is a work-in-progress; its content will be a reflection of what its visitors want and what materials they submit for inclusion. Check back from time-to-time to see what is new.

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