8 Ball Battalion Reunion: St. Louis, 2002 - Page 2
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click to enlarge 8 Ball Seabees at their 2002 reunion
-- Standing -left to right --
Roland Beresford, Lewis Unger, Leonard Moss, Jack Mackenzie, Eugene Rockacy, Ralph Martin, and
Carl (Jack) Corbett.
-- Front row: left to right: --
Crafton Wolfson, Butler Price, Bob Risley, Floyd Conklin, Al Haas, and Norman Haas,
with Vic LaButta on the floor.
photo provided by Lewis Unger
Honeybees photo 8 Ball Honeybees at the 2002 reunion
-- Standing - left to right --
Dorothy Zelman, Betty Conklin, Dawn Risley, Wanda Casinger, Margaret Moss, Mary Lou Unger, Ruth Martin, Marcella Grant, and Mary Corbett.
-- Front row: left to right --
Mary Lou LaButta, Fern Gwin, Dorthea Weaver, Jean Beresford, Rose Rockacy, and Marge Corbett.
photo provided by Lewis Unger

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       8 Ball Reunion: St. Louis, 2002