8th Naval Construction Battalion
38th Reunion at Fresno, CA, 1989


Charles and Nell Atkinson

Roland and Jeanne Beresford

Charlie Campbell

Robert and Gerry Celeen

Albert and Yolanda Celio

C.J. and Marge Corbett

Oscar E. Dowell

Ralph Ford

Donald W. Gesell

Dale and Eunice Giebel

R.R. and Fern Gwin

Albert J. Haas, Jr.

Norman W. Haas

Howard and Lucille Hammer

Nevin and Ginny Hawk

Victor J. Labutta

George and Alice Kaiser

Earl M. Kelly and Mary Alice

Irvin and Rosella Kettering

John and Bernadine Kreiling

Frank D. Lord

Dorothy F. Luby

Frederick and Violet Luety

Ralph and Ruth Martin

Karl Pegors

Harry and Margaret Richhart

Eugene and Rose Rockacy

Henry and Gayle Schwalbenberg

Larry Scordino

Louie and Pearl Silva

Ray and Helen Thornton

Robert and Barbara Tone

Charles and Dorothea Weaver

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