8 Ball Battalion Reunion: Gulfport, 1997
Gulfport 1997 8 Ball Seabees and Honeybees at their 1997 reunion
Front Row: Marcella Grant, Margaret Moss (slightly back), Jeanne Beresford, Mary Lou Unger, Fern Gwin, Al Haas, Dorothea Weaver, Ruth Martin, and Ralph Ford.
Back Row: Henry Schwalbenberg, Larry Scordino, Lewis Unger, Roland Beresford, George Kaiser, Brona Ziminski, (?) , Norman Haas, ( ?) , Carl Corbett, Charlie Weaver, Ralph Ford's daughter-in-law, Ralph Ford's son, and Leonard Moss. (Several ladies on second row obscured.)
photo provided by Lewis Unger

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       8 Ball Reunion: Gulfport, 1997